OT but please help: First references on discovery of estrogens wanted

hiker kmcdowell01 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 25 07:48:51 EST 1999

Most any good reproductive biology text gives citations for early
descriptions of the sex steroids. Try Reproduction in Domestic Animals by
HH Cole and PT Cupps, 1997 or Marshall's Physiology of Reproduction,
1966.  Allen & Doisy and Aschheim & Zondek are generally credited with
demonstrating presence of estrogenic substances by bioassay.  Crystalline
estrone was prepared and described in 1931.

Stefan Kahlert wrote:

> the discovery of estrogen has been so long ago (sometime in the 1920s)
> that those articles arent listed anyhwere on the net.
>  All I can imagine to do right know is is to address the honourable
> audience of b.m.m-r and ask for a pointer to the right sources.
> Can anybody tell where the discovery of estrogens was first published?
> Many thanks in advance!
> Stefan

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