Advice How to get rid of UV LAmps image

Bernard P. Murray, PhD bpmurray*STUFFER* at socrates.ucsf.edu
Fri Mar 26 20:10:46 EST 1999

In article <36FC1DF2.6D66030 at UBC.CA>, NOSPAM at UBC.CA wrote:

> Built a  home built gel imaging system using Snappy connected to a ccd
> camera.
> It gives butiful protein gel images but when taking agarose DNA gels,
> with the appropriate filters etc.  it keeps showing the UV Lamp from the
> UV light box. Any advice hoe to get rid of it?
> Yossi
> Please reply yossi at unixg.ubc.ca

What filter are you using?  Do you have the same red or orange
filter that eg. Polaroid systems use?
Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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