Human skeletal muscle cells culture?

Chen Linan chenlinan at 263.NET
Fri Mar 26 19:57:43 EST 1999


When culturing the human muscle, I encount several difficults. Would you
please give me some suggestions?

1. How is it possible to culture human skeletal muscle cells from autopsy?
Why can not I culture the human skeletul muscle cells from operation by
enzyme dissociation methods?(Just repeat 3~5 times of 0.05% trysin-EDTA by
20 min each time). Oh, it is from a adult more than 40 years old.

2. When I culture the human skletal muscle cells of old people by tissue
culture, sometimes it can grow out new cells, sometimes it can not, why?

3. AS about the enzyme dissociation methods, I want to know which is better
for 0.05% trypsine-EDTA or 0.1% trpsine-collagenase?

4. How to design the experiment of the effect of bFGF on the proliferation
of muscle cells without isotope method?

Best regards

Chen Linan

Beijing Medical University

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