Storage of dry DNA? Any experience?

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>No, This is the DNA puregene kit.  I don't have any experience with a
>Generations kit. 


D'oh!  I should have realized when you were talking about pellets!

> Perhaps
>the confusion lies in the methods of extraction and/or precipitation.

Yes, 'Generations' comes off the column in solution, but 'Puregene' is a
precipitation.  Any gunk carry-through in Puregene (salting-out, isn't
it?) probably arises from red blood cell lysis.

>you for pointing out the shortcomings of this kit, as I would not want to
>lead anyone down the wrong path.

It's (Generations) fine for PCR of small loci, but I wouldn't want to use
it for much else.  YMMV of course.


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