gradient thermal cyclers

Jo Lauber jla at gbf.de
Fri Mar 26 08:25:39 EST 1999


we´re working with the Biometra gradient. This one has the bigest
gradient I´ve heard of. Only the two temperatures next to the lower and
upper temp. are out of linearity the others are in. And it´s a little bit
cheaper then most of the others. On the other side only the gradient
cycler of Hybaid offers that all the temperatures are reached within the
same time. In the end I´ve tested it with the Biometra and there are
timedifferences in the range of ms, so don´t care.


"P.R. Alefounder" schrieb:

> Can anyone recommend a good thermal cycler with a gradient block,
> please? The only one I have seen so far generates a temperature
> gradient across the block that is a long way from linear. The company
> that makes it tells me "they are all like that". Do you know
> otherwise?
> Regards,
> Peter Alefounder                       mbpra at seqnet.daresbury.ac.uk

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