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Sun Mar 28 20:47:29 EST 1999

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·¢ÐÅÕ¾: ÉúÃüÐþ»ú (Sun Mar 28 20:31:08 1999) , תÐÅ

of course, it is possible top obtain it if the protein of interest is not
 been cloned into pIRES-hyg vector,if you want to obtain stable clones
 of protein of interest,you should clone the gene coding interest protein
 into the vector as pGene-IRES-hyg.

: Hi,
: I'm using the bicistronic pIRES-hyg vector to obtain stable clones for a
: protein of interest. Is it possible to obtain only resistant clones to hyg
: which do not express the protein of interest. If it's possible, has anybody
: a suggestion to obtain a clone which express this protein ?

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