gradient thermal cyclers

January Weiner nospam_jweiner1 at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Mar 30 12:56:18 EST 1999

[ P.R. Alefounder ]
> Can anyone recommend a good thermal cycler with a gradient block,
> please? The only one I have seen so far generates a temperature 
> gradient across the block that is a long way from linear. The company
> that makes it tells me "they are all like that". Do you know
> otherwise?

I have some experience with the Eppendorff mastercycler - it works OK,
although it is not all too linear - that does not matter much, because what
counts is always to know what temperature will you have in the tube.

I liked the Stratagene roboter more, but it has its disadvantages (AFAIK no
touchdown PCR) and costs more. 

Eppendorf works quite OK, but remember that there are other ways to
optimize the PCR (dNTPs / primer / salt concentrations).


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