PCR mutagenesis

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Tue Mar 30 07:44:20 EST 1999

    When I did random mutagenisis via PCR  I normally added double the
concentration of dntps as well as double or triple the Mg concentration
(optimized for specific raction). I have additionaly heard of people adding
BSA in the reaction.
                                    Marc Busch

toufik wrote in message <37010135.E078999D at cellbio.unige.ch>...
>Does any one have a protocol for random mutagenesis by PCR?
>I tried with 1mM of dCTP/dTTP/dGTP and 0.2mM of dATP, but  my
>amplification didn't work. (the standart amplification works well!).
>Thank you for your help

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