Questions about clean up of PCR product

C.S. Wilding BGYCSW at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Mar 31 10:39:59 EST 1999

I regularly use the protocol in Current Protocols prior to automated 
sequencing. See section 15.2.4
-remove oil
-Phenol/Chl extract
-chl extract
-add 0.6vol PEG/NaCl (20% PEG6000, 2.5M NaCl), vortex 1sec, 37oC 10min
-microfuge 10min full speed
-wash pellet with 70% etoh, dry, resuspend.


In article <7dt7ek$rr02 at hkusud.hku.hk>, "Wilson" <netson at hotmail.com> wrote:
>Dear all,
>I would like to know the effective and economic way(s) to clean up PCR
>product.  I always use the following procedures: precipitate PCR product,
>then have a agarose gel electrophoresis, cut out the target DNA band and
>retrieve DNA by GeneClean.  Is there any other way (such as special
>precipitation methods) to remove impurities such as primers and dNTPs
>Thank you very much

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