"Crossing" a lambda with a plasmid

Chris Boyd chrisb at hgu.mrc.ac.uk
Tue May 25 05:14:55 EST 1999

Mikhail Alexeyev (malexeye at JAGUAR1.USOUTHAL.EDU) wrote:
: This is being posted for a colleague of mine.

: I would like to insert a gene into specific region of a lambda phage.  The
: idea is to subclone the lambda's region of interest in a plasmid,
: manipulate this region in an appropriate way and then return it back into
: the phage.  Since lambda seems to lack appropriate restriction sites to do
: it conventionally, I think about using a homologous recombination as an
: alternative.  The question is: how to go about crossing a phage and a
: plasmid?

Have a look at:

Boyd, A. C. & Sherratt, D. J. "The pCLIP plasmids: versatile cloning
vectors based on the bacteriophage &lambda origin of replication." Gene
(1995) 153, 57-62.

On-line pre-print available at

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