Protein free blocking agent

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> We use PVP-40 (very cheap from Sigma) to block NC or PVDF for western
> blots.  Works extremely well.  Never tried it for hybridisations, but
> should work equally well (I would guess).
> see: Haycock, J.W. (1993) Polyvinylpyrrolidone as a blocking agent in
> immunochemical studies.  Anal.Biochem.  208, 397-399.

Interesting.  I saw this paper, tried it, and found it to work extremely not
so well.  Did you A/B it with gelatin, BSA, milk, etc.?  I'd be interested
in whether you altered the protocol at all.  In my hands, coomassie blue
would have given the same results.  Are you doing chemi or colorimetric?

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