"Re:DNA binding resins?"

Ranga Uday Kumar uday at JNCASR.AC.IN
Mon Nov 1 03:34:15 EST 1999

    Recently we reported a strategy based on the alkline lysis method to
prepare minipreps using a simple and economic way. Please see the
following publication.
    Ramakrishna Lakshmi, Vijaya Baskar and Udaykumar Ranga.: `Extraction
of Superior    Quality Plasmid DNA by a Combination of Modified Alkaline
Lysis and Silica Matrix`. Anal. Biochem., 272, 109-112, 1999
    We used silica from Sigma (#S 5631) that costs about 12-13 USD. With
this quantity of silica approximately 60,000 (sixty thousand) minipreps
could be prepared from E. coli. The quality of DNA is comparable to that
of commercial kits. Whereas the commercial kits cost 1-2 USD per each
miniprep, this in-house method costs next to nothing. The yield of DNA
by our method is roughly half compared to the standard alkaline method,
therefore for several routine applications (where yield not a
consideration) it is a good alternative to commercial kits.

From: "dav" <dav1 at SoftHome.net>

Subject: DNA binding resins?

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 12:44:18 +0100

Do you known something DNA binding resins or similar surface to
better purify an alkaline lysis exctraction? thanks

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