RNAse protection without phnole/chloroform

Juergen Oberstrass oberstra at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Mon Nov 1 08:09:31 EST 1999

I want to perform RNAse protection assays. In the normal protocol you have
to digest the RNAse with protease and extract with phenole/chloroform to
get rid of active RNase after the digestion step. 
Now we have problems with the organic radioactive waste and I would also
like a faster and more convenient procedure. Ambion sells a kit which
contains a inactivation/precipitation solution. Does anybody know the
composition of this solution (I suppose it contains a chaotropic salt and
a reducing agent) or has another good alternative for the proteinase K
I do not want to start a new discussion about kits but buying it from
Ambion is to expensive and additionally I really want to know about the
things I work with.

TIA, Juergen

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