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Tue Nov 2 10:04:50 EST 1999


I am investigating the possibility of using a polysaccharide-based polymer
to form nanoparticles with DNA via coacervation (eg Leong et al. 1998
Journal of Controlled Release, vol 53 p.183). I am looking for a supplier
of high-quality Chitosan. Sigma/Fluka etc. only supply practical grade
material that I am reluctant to use (and indeed I observe problems with
dissolving the supplied material). Does anyone out there know of a company
(preferably near the UK) that could supply my needs?

Also if anyone has information concerning the solubility of chitosan
(especially in regards to pH) I'd appreciate it - the literature suggests
a 0.02% w/v solution pH5.5 in 5 mM NaHOAc0 for a working concentration but
in my hands, with the material as supplied large quantities of insoluble
material remains.

Cheers in advance.


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