english names of organisms?

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>I have a list of homologous proteins. Now I am wondering what the
>following organisms are (in English):
>Ustilago maydis
>Bos primegenius
>Camtotheca acuminata
>Discopyge ommata
>Anybody ideas? Thanks a lot, Ina

Try using NCBI's taxonomic database at:


As an example, 

Bos primigenius indicus = Bos indicus[synonym], zebu cattle[common name] 
Discopyge ommata = preferred common name: electric ray

When that fails, just do a general net search. Using www.google.com, the
very first hit was to an abstract from Development, with the title:
Discrete developmental stages during teliospore formation in the corn smut
fungus, Ustilago maydis

And note that a minor spelling change Camtotheca acuminata => Camptotheca
acuminata and a quick net search will yield that Camptotheca acuminata is
also called the Chinese Happy Tree or Cancer tree, because of the
promising cancer fighting compound, camptothecin, that it contains.

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