RapidCycler Vs MJR PTC200 for DD RT-PCR

Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Thu Nov 4 07:18:01 EST 1999

Hello all.
I have been having horrendous problems with the Delta Differential
Display kit from Clontech (multiple regular banding that Ctech have had
but cannot explain.) and have decided to get a RNAimage kit from
GenHunter instead.
I am also in the market for a PCR m,achine and have narrowed it down to
the MJR PTC200 or the Idaho tech RapidCycler (since this is used in a
nearby building.)
Does anyone have any experiance of these machines with this technique or
kit and can yuo post or mail the recomendations. I have binned the idea
of the PE biosystems 9700 (no gradient for future work) and Stratagenes
Robocycler (no control over the ramping time).

Thanks for all previous replies RE: 9700&robocycler


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