RT-PCR and GeneAmp Gold RNA PCR kit

Robert Chadwick chadwick-1 at medctr.osu.edu
Thu Nov 4 08:53:24 EST 1999

We use the GeneAmp Gold RNA PCR kit and get good results providing that we first do the reverse transcription using Superscript RT (from Gibco-BRL).  The Multiscribe RT in the GeneAmp gold kit doesn't seem to be as efficient at reverse transcription as the Superscript RT.  Hope this helps.


>We are trying to do RT-PCRs on RNA from oilseed rape pods - with little
>The RNA/primers have been used previously with the Promega RT-PCR kit
>and this seemed to work ok!
>However, we recently bought a GeneAmp Gold RNA PCR Kit - and so far,
>despite trying different Mg, primer, RNA concs.... etc, I'm only getting
>a very low amplification of product! This is strange - I don't think it
>can be the primers/RNA as thay have worked before!!
>Has anyone got any suggestions as to why we're getting such a low
>And how we can improve things!
>Any help will be gratefully recieved!!
>Thanks alot,
>Kaf Elliott


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