Immunostaining of nuclear proteins

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Stephen Snowdy schreef:

> Does anyone know if methanol does a good job of permeabilizing adherent
> cells all the way down to the nucleus?  Are any special steps necessary
> to immunostain epitopes inside the nucleus?
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> Stephen Snowdy
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> University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Methanol for some 20 min should be sufficient. Acetone might be better, but
will probably dissolve the plastic of your culture dishes. In addition
Triton X-100 (0.2% in PBS as a preincubation or in all incubations) will in
some cases produce a more even and consistant staining; try it and see the
Remember, if there is any structure prone to unspecific binding of  primary
antibodies, it is the nucleus, and often this unspecific staining is very
difficult to get rid of.

Good luck.


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