PAGE gels with riboflavin/UV question

KIM dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu
Fri Nov 5 09:27:06 EST 1999

The OpenGene sequencing system from Visible Genetics uses a UV-activated
crosslinking method.  Their gels are poured into a cassette, then popped
into a device called the "Gel Toaster". 

I would buy one just to have that name!

Daniel Kim

p.s.  Gels are toasted in about 30 seconds or something like that.

Dave Parcej <parcej at> wrote:
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:> Hello, 
:> I'm looking for alternative methods of catalyzing gels for PAGE, other than
:> the persulfate methods.  I've heard about riboflavin UV, does anyone have
:> methods for this or any alternatives?

: No, but I think the riboflavin/UV method is described in "Electrophoresis:
: a Practucal approach" by Hames and Rickwood
: Cheers
: Dave

:> Thanks, 
:> Lance Hopman
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