RNAse protection without phnole/chloroform

rogier stugerNOstSPAM at cellbiology.uni-frankfurt.de.invalid
Fri Nov 5 13:09:56 EST 1999

which RNase are you using? what about micrococcal nuclease? this is
calcium-dependent, so its inactivated by excess EDTA and EGTA.
another non-phenol way to kill RNases is with GTC. this is probably
ambions trick, too.
other option: RNase A, which is RNasin-sensitive (although this will
make your experiment pretty expensive)
a very attractive option: don't use radioactive RNA. use DIG-labeled
RNA instead. no radioactive waste!
Good luck,
Rogier Stuger
Dept MicFizz, Free U of A
rogier at biogate.com

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