RNA isolation

Patrick Baker baker.599 at OSU.EDU
Fri Nov 5 16:31:04 EST 1999


I am working on isolating RNA from Helicobacter pylori; however, I am
having problems with RNA degradation as evident by smears on formaldehyde
gels.  My most recent efforts yielded one sample that looked pretty good
(ribosomal RNA bands were visible) but one was smeared and another never
left the well (ethidium bromide stained heavily in the well)!  

I am using RNAzol B to isolate my RNA and I am storing it in RNA Secure
buffer from Ambion.  I use all my own reagents and equipment. I do all my
work under a hood and use RNAse Away to inhibit ambient RNases.

Does anyone have any suggestions what else I can do to avoid RNA degradation?


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