Bis-benzimide + Polyethilenglycole gels

Bonehammer g5003408 at
Wed Nov 10 08:53:56 EST 1999

 Hello everyone.
 I worked two months last year with a product made by Hanse Analytik
GmbH: bis-benzimide coupled to polyethilenglycole. The compound was to
be added to a common agarose gel in order to selectively retard DNA
fragments containing ApT sequences. A similar product, neutral red and
polyethilenglycole, was meant to "catch" CpG sequences.
 I've tried high and low voltage, recirculating buffer, high and low
temperature - I never got a worthy result. Yet there are some articles
in literature with images of good gels. I only got smeared bands and
the results were never fully reproducible.
 Did anybody else work with this stuff? I'd really appreciate any
 Chiara Martellossi (forgive me my silly posting name)

"No se Pol"

Coffee Genetist from Viva La' e Po' Bon City

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