quantitative RT-PCR

Michael Prigge prigge at morel.uoregon.edu
Wed Nov 10 16:16:08 EST 1999

I used to standards for Arabidopsis RT-PCR:  mitochondrial (but
nuclearly encoded) beta-ATPase is highly expressed and ROC1 (cytosolic
cyclophilin) is less-highly expressed.  If you are working on a plant
other than Arabidopsis, b-ATPase is usually present in EST databases. 
I found the Arabidopsis gene closest to the tobacco beta-ATPase gene.  

> helene.dauchel at univ-rouen.fr wrote:
> > Hello,
> > We are currently developping qRT-PCR in plants.  We would like to know
> > what would be the best internal standard. Does
> > anyone have any suggestions about the use of ubiquitin as housekeeping
> > gene as internal standard?
> >
> > thanks very much

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