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>Hello all-
>I am in need of a good all around human endothelial cell line for use in
>viral transformation studies, as well as studies of certain viral
>genes.  I have looked through some of the thousands at ATCC, but most
>have been derived from leukemias, etc.  I would prefer one that is
>"normal" (as normal as a culturable cell line can be).  The big
>restriction is that I am looking for an endothelial line.
>Thanks in advance.

Well, I just saw some advertisement from Clontech for their telomerase
overexpressing retinal epithelial cells. Maybe that helps. I have no
experience with these cells, maybe someone can comment on this.
If you want to find out more go to clontech website and serach for
"htert". These cells are immortal but have a "normal" behaviour. You
need a license for these cells, they are rather expensive.
No affil. etc..

Best regards

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