non-Poly-A RNA can be translated?

Wei-Jen Chang wjc at
Fri Nov 12 16:06:47 EST 1999

Hi Friends,

Recently I have been asked a question:  In eukaryotic cell system,
non-poly-adenylated RNA can be translated into protein?

My data showed something interesting:
1. Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP) transcripts from total RNA extraction
were good.
2. However, the amount of GFP mRNA decrease significantly. (poly dT column
purified directly from cells, not from the total RNA extraction in 1.)
3. Flow cytometry data showed no difference. (GFP positive percentage)

According to 1 & 2, apparently the GFP transcripts were not
poly-Adenylated well.  3 showed that the expression of GFP was not
affected.  So my Professor asked me whether non-poly-adenylated RNA
can be translated (especially GFP).  And I can't find any reference
describing such interest.  If you happened to have some idea about it,
please give me some suggestion.  Thanks.



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