non-Poly-A RNA can be translated?

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> Hi Friends,
> Recently I have been asked a question:  In eukaryotic cell system,
> non-poly-adenylated RNA can be translated into protein?
> My data showed something interesting:
> 1. Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP) transcripts from total RNA
> extraction
> were good.
> 2. However, the amount of GFP mRNA decrease significantly. (poly
> dT column
> purified directly from cells, not from the total RNA extraction in
> 1.)
> 3. Flow cytometry data showed no difference. (GFP positive
> percentage)
> According to 1 & 2, apparently the GFP transcripts were not
> poly-Adenylated well.  3 showed that the expression of GFP was not
> affected.  So my Professor asked me whether non-poly-adenylated RNA
> can be translated (especially GFP).  And I can't find any reference
> describing such interest.  If you happened to have some idea about
> it,
> please give me some suggestion.  Thanks.
> Regards
> Wei-Jen

There is a lot of data on the influence of the poly(A) tail on
translation. For a review, see the chapter by Allan Jacobson in the
book "Translational Control," (edited by Hershey, Mathews, and
Sonenberg), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1996.


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