for help with Western blot and immunoprecipitation

Gu Jianxing jxgu at SHMU.EDU.CN
Sat Nov 13 02:51:56 EST 1999

I'm doing the Western blot with Amersham ECL
Kit(RPN2106) ,however,  the result is very ugly, So I could
only use AP(NBT/BCIP)system, and this system
sensitivity is low. Can someone good at this give me
some know-how? Thanks a lot. By the way, I'm doing immunoprecipitation with 
HA- and C-myc tag,and constructed the expression plasmid myself. But
I can not do it well. In the Western blot, I can not
watch the band. Can some specialist help me with this
problem? Thank you very much!!!

E mail address jxgu at

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