Multiple amino acid mutagenesis

Noam Harel hareln at
Sun Nov 14 22:04:44 EST 1999

Thanks, Mark!!

I had tried a less sophisticated secondary structure program with the
exact strategy you suggested. But the site you mentioned is simply
outstanding (exposed/buried info, homology info, and excellent
documentation)! I feel much more comfortable basing the mutations on the
predictions of that site...

Thanks again,

Noam Harel

mb wrote:
> try going to the below site and running the basic homology search,
> alignment and prediciton routine.  This should give you a rational basis
> for deciding what to do.  Pay close attention to both the structure
> prediction and the exposed/buried prediction.  This should give you an
> idea of what a given mutation may do.  You can even run the predictions
> with potential mutated sequences.  There may also turn out to be
> homologous domains of known structure.
> --
> Mark Bowen

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