Polyethyleneimine precipitation protocol

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Just a silly thouhght:
Why not destroying DNA with DNAse and then inactivating DNAse by a
heat step (that Taq should tolerate). (It might be more favoravable to
add DNAse NOT in the last purification step but after the first crude
enrichment). Where are the implications?


> From:          Kulikov Eugene <eumenius at imb.ac.ru>
> Subject:       Polyethyleneimine precipitation protocol
> Date:          Sun, 14 Nov 1999 23:30:57 +0300
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> Hello all,
> I recently began to produce recombinant Taq-polymerase and the first
> problem I have reached is purification of enzyme of DNA traces. Does
> somebody know the protocol of DNA precipitation with
> polyethyleneimine (Polymine P)?
> Best regards - Kulikov Eugene
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