DNA mismatch cleavage

Slawomir Dabrowski 18-22 slawek at altis.chem.pg.gda.pl
Mon Nov 15 07:35:52 EST 1999

	Does anyone know good method of chemical or enzymatic cleavage of
mismatch in DNA ?
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Slawek Dabrowski

On 15 Nov 1999, Weining, Song wrote:

> I have answered similar questions a few times in the last decade. It's only
> from the people who genuinely thought about PCR.  I hope I understand your
> question correctly and don't make myself a fool.
> It's true that the polymerase would run the whole length of the template
> until something stops it, be it inhibitor, structure or just denaturing. 
> But THIS happens mainly in the first cycle. The primers themselves would
> define the border (length) of the PCR fragment in the following cycles. 
> The fact is the PCR fragment is the major product whereas other products,
> like in the first cycle and the rest, are proportionally too small to make
> any REAL difference normally. No textbook talks about it, at least I have
> seen anything yet.
> As other people suggested, you need to draw it out on a big board. 
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