james stevenson pcxjs at
Mon Nov 15 13:35:07 EST 1999

Are you using RNase-free water to make up your MOPS buffer?
If not, treat your water with 0.05% diethyl pyrocarbonate overnight and
autoclave before use.
Also, do you autoclave the MOPS before you use it? i think this decomposes
the MOPS.
If its gone yellow, then its decomposed.

Mano wrote:

> Hi all,
>     If the MOPS buffer for running formaldehyde gels to separate RNA is
> "bad", will it affect integrity of RNA?  Or else, does it affect the
> migration of RNA? How about pH?
> I have apparent degradation on my gel, but I beleive my buffer is bad..
> is this possible? or is it just smearing?  I'll repeat it with new
> buffer anyways.
> Thanks.

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