STORM, Northern, nonisotopic oligos

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Tue Nov 16 12:21:34 EST 1999


I wonder if there's anyone out there who has tried to use STORM (Molecular
Dynamics) system to quantify mRNA on Northern blots. I tried to search
for literature on STORM as applied to Northerns, but didn't get anywhere.
According to manufacturer's web pages chemiluminescence has to be used, as
direct fluorescence isn't sensitive enough. I tried chemiluminescence a
few years ago, and ended up using 32P. However, there seems to be drive
towards nonisotopic methods in some places, and a suggestion was made to try
nonisotopically labelled oligos on Northern blots using STORM system.
I am looking for any data other than manufacturer's. Personal experience
would be interesting too.

Any advice or pointers will be appreciated.


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