Glover Martin gwmartin at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 16 11:59:43 EST 1999

Mano <mdep at musica.mcgill.ca> wrote:
> YES, I am trying to localize a specific message. However, i am also
> wondering what to expect to see by ethidium bromide staining. In which
> fractions would I see the most intense 28 and 18 S rRNAs?


At the top of the gradient (mostly RNP) you'll see small (tRNA?) RNAs.
Then 18S rRNA, coinciding with the 40S subunit.  both 18S and 28S are
present in subsequent fractions (even the one containing 60S, in my
experience).  You may be able to see several other bands, by
EtBr and Methylene blue as well.


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