Maxam-Gilbert Who?!

Jens Tornoe imjt at
Tue Nov 16 17:59:16 EST 1999

How come you do not use Sanger sequencing? It is a lot easier to do, and you
ought to be able to design a sequencing primer that would give the same
result as a Maxam-Gilbert reaction.

M-G is obsolete, as far as I know. Guess that is why you can't find it
anywhere. If other people out there find me to be wrong, I would appreciate
your correction.



Jens Tornøe
Pederstrup, Denmark

Eric Chace Olivares <olivares at leland.Stanford.EDU> wrote in message
news:80scmm$rvd$1 at nntp.Stanford.EDU...
> Hey people! I'm starting to do some footprinting assays, and I am
> desperately searching for a company who makes a Maxam-Gilbert chemical
> sequencing kit.  Dupont/NEN stopped making theirs, and I would really like
> the convenience of a one-stop order.  Call me lazy, but with all these
> toxic chemicals in inexperienced hands I'd like everything prepared for
> me.  If anyone can help I would appreciate it!
> -=Eric
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> Eric C. Olivares
> Department of Genetics
> Stanford University School of Medicine
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