STORM, Northern, chemiluminescent oligos

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>  However, there seems to be drive
>  towards nonisotopic methods in some places, and a suggestion was made to 
>  nonisotopically labelled oligos on Northern blots using STORM system.
>  I am looking for any data other than manufacturer's. Personal experience
>  would be interesting too.

Ambion at has BrightStar BioDetect kits based on CDPstar 
chemistries for their RNA Kits.  They have lots of chemiluminescence 
comparisons with 32P autorads. For images, you might try their 
techserv at

Among the new ChemiLuminescence Imagers that compare to film sensitivies and 
speeds are the Alphainnotech FluoChem ( and the FUJI 
LAS1000 (I can only find the australian web site

I know that these systems have reference sites you can contact in the UK, and 
even get demos to run your RNA blots side by side with film. For 
chemiluminescence, these will be better than STORM results.

Walt Schick

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