Maxam-Gilbert Who?!

Eric Chace Olivares olivares at leland.Stanford.EDU
Wed Nov 17 14:58:34 EST 1999

Jens Tornoe (imjt at wrote:
: How come you do not use Sanger sequencing? It is a lot easier to do, and you
: ought to be able to design a sequencing primer that would give the same
: result as a Maxam-Gilbert reaction.

Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread, but I think I've found the
solution I'm looking for in the literature. (Lin et al, J. Biochem Biophys
Methods 30 (1995) 85-89.)

Basically, by kinasing one oligo of a PCR pair, you can produce an
assymetrically labeled product that can be used in footprinting as well as
in a Sanger-dideoxy reaction.   Simple yet not immediately obvious to me!

Thanks again,

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