DNA binding to glass fiber

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Thu Nov 18 09:33:46 EST 1999

You might want to look at the PNAS paper by Bert Vogelstein and David
Gillespie (1987?  maybe earlier) in which they look at purification of DNA
from agarose gels by adsorption onto glass.  This is the paper that
originated the "GeneClean" technique, I think (or, at least, this is the
one cited by manufacturers).  They compare different chaotropes and also
different grades of glass.

Daniel Kim

p.s.  there is also a paper out there, from Analytical Biochemistry or
Nucleic Acids Research, outlining purification of phage DNA by first
precipitating the phage with ZnCl2, filtering the precipitate onto glass
fiber filters, then disrupting the phage with sodium perchlorate while
simultaneously adsorbing the DNA onto the glass fiber.  I don't remember
the citation, except that it was a couple years later than the Vogelstein
and Gillespie paper.

Peter Schmidtke <peter.schmidtke at uni-mainz.de> wrote:
: Hi Barbara,
: check out 
: Record et al. (1998);
: Adv Protein Chem 51 ,281-353;
: "Analysis of effects of salts and uncharged solutes on protein and
: nucleic acid equilibria and processes: a practical guide to recognizing
: and interpreting polyelectrolyte effects, Hofmeister effects, and
: osmotic effects of salts"
: This should provide a good starting point.
: Have fun!

: Peter

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: Barbara Simionati schrieb:
:> Hi,
:> I  am looking for information about the theory of DNA binding to Glass
:> fiber: which chaotropic agent is better, which condition of pH and
:> concentration but expecially I would like to know how does it work,
:> basic principles of the process.
:> Does anyone know a good review or article or something? I have already
:> checked medline but I couldn't find anything useful using "chaotropic"
:> as searching word.
:> Any suggestions?
:> Thanks in advance
:> Barbara
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