Coomassie staining of proteins on PVDF

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Thu Nov 18 13:41:47 EST 1999 long did you stain/destain the gel?

....perhaps there is too litlle of the desired protein present to pick up
the stain or the destaining is too harsh

....the blot is more sensitive then the coomassie staining!

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| I asked this question in bionet.molbio.proteins but it may be better
| here:
| After SDS-PAGE and Western transfer to PVDF I stained the proteins with
| 0.1% Coomassie Blue in H20 dd. Destaining with 50% methanol. To my
| surprise the band of interest was _not_ stained but remained white on a
| light blue background. Other proteins were stained well as expected. Any
| explanation?
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| Thorsten
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