Differential Display

Thu Nov 18 21:33:46 EST 1999

Yes, You definitely need to repeat the differential display at least 
for two or three times. Since you will need to do northern to further 
confirmed if those differential displayed bands are represent the 
differential expressed mRNAs. It is saving you time for the long run 
to make sure those differentially displayed bands are reproducible. 
When you do that, you have to make sure every time you are using 
exactly same condition (even the same PCR machine and same Taq 
enzyme) I had experience that I got different band patterns after I 
changed to a different brand Taq. This technique is very very 
sensitive and it is sometimes hard to get a very reproducible result. 
But, if you are careful enough, it should work.

good luck!!



>I found several differentially expressed bands. Should I try and repeat
>this result before attempting to clone/sequence? I'd appreciate it if
>someone could give me

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