Hydroxyapatite, methods and sources???

Narendra Kaushik n.kaushik at ic.ac.uk
Fri Nov 19 08:30:38 EST 1999

It was the method of choice before PCR  to make subtracted libraries.
Any how you can find it in: Gene Transfer and Expression - A lab manual
by Kriegler, WH Freeman and Co.1990 ISBN 0-7167-7004-0. You can buy
hydroxyapatite and column are from BIO-RAD, there must be another
suppliers too. There are  couple of publications by Brento Soares,
creator of IMAGE libraries.
Bonaldo MF, et al.  Normalization and subtraction: two approaches to
facilitate gene discovery. Genome Res. 1996. 6, 791-806.

Sagerstrom CG et al. Subtractive Cloning: Past, Present and Future. Ann
Rev. Biochem,
1997. 66: 751-783. A good rev on this matter
There is also paper in PNAS by Soares about normalization using HAP

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