Immunoprecip gurus?

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Fri Nov 19 08:52:05 EST 1999

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> My experience with IP is that if one tries really hard, it is possible
> to co-IP anything with anything. Particularly when a criterion for 
> co-IP is a sensitive western. And that is the major problem with
> this overused undervalidated technique.

I tend to agree.  Everyone seems to assume that the protein A or G does
not allow anything but antibody stick to it.  This could be a fallacy. 
The growth factor that I work with, HGF not only sticks to Protein A,G and
sephrose, it will bring down everthing else on the membrane that it
associates with. One of which is LRP which is a scavenging receptor. 
Thus, more proteins are brought down.

Peter Pediaditakis

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