making protoplasts from gram positive cells

susanne srohrerNOsrSPAM at
Fri Nov 19 09:58:09 EST 1999

 we tried to make protoplasts of listeria using egg white lysozyme
Sigma offers lysostaphin, a
> muramidase
> from Staphylococcus - that might help, but it is very expensive.
> Is there
> any experience with this enzyme? Or are others available for this
> purpose
> with much better performance than egg white lysozyme?

Lysostaphin specifically cleaves the pentaglycine interpeptide of S.
aureus (and other staphylococcal) peptidoglycan, which connects the Lys
of one stem peptide with the D-Ala of the next. Now I don't know
whether Listeria has such an interpeptide. If it does, it might work.

good luck

Susanne Rohrer, Uni Zurich

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