NORTHERN---cross reaction

yoel and adaia shiboleth shibolet at
Fri Nov 19 17:39:12 EST 1999

Hi Mano
This is the most commonplace problem with Northerns. Bring down the salt or
bring the temp. up on your washes (or both). By the way, I have even seen
the unexplained phenomena that the 28/18S bands act differentially as would
be expected only by the proper size band...

Mano wrote:

> HI all,
>     Problem, 18 and 28 S rRNA severly cross react with my probe on
> northern (bad news), and I get no backrground reactivity with the
> membrane (which is the only good news).  I do not beleive that it is due
> to my probe being non-specific.  What are the most liekly problems?
>     thanks
> Emmanuel

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