most common amino acid?

Tyson tyson at
Sat Nov 20 12:31:20 EST 1999

I believe it is Leu....although I don't have any references to back this
I assume this only because tritiated K is used as an accurate measure of
protein synthesis in a cell and the fact that it has the most redundant
codon usage.
...i could be wrong though

Andrea Beckel-Mitchener, PhD <amitch at> wrote in message
news:3835E08B.ECE43A14 at
| Does anyone know which amino acid is found in the most abundance in
| proteins?  A good guess might be leucine due to the fact that it is
| coded for by 6 codons in the genetic code, however, this would assume
| that a gene's sequence is completely random.  Any other notions?
| Andrea

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