PEI precipitation protocol

Larry lca1 at
Sun Nov 21 14:06:06 EST 1999

=F0 Hello all,
=F0 I recently began to produce recombinant Taq-polymerase and the first
=F0 problem I have reached is purification of enzyme of DNA traces. Does
=F0 somebody know the protocol of DNA precipitation with polyethyleneimine
=F0 (Polymine P)?

>References: old paper by Dick Burgess on purification of RNA polymerase? and 
>of (I think) DNA topoisomerase from wheat germ; Gegenheimer, Meth Enz 182 

I'm a grad student in Dick's lab and would be happy to assist anyone
with PEI ppt questions.  The reference to which to speak of for purification
of RNAP is:

Burgess and Jendrisak.  1975  Biochemistry 14(21):4624-8

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Larry Anthony
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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