unspecific (was: RNA stability)

susanne srohrerNOsrSPAM at immv.unizh.ch.invalid
Mon Nov 22 04:04:55 EST 1999

Thanks for the formamide comments. Now for the other problem (again) -
going through the archives of methods&reagents, I see that almost
EVERYONE has the problem of unspecific hybridization to the rRNA bands.

I think the formamide helped a lot, but does anyone know what exactly
happens - someone in an old message mentioned that his unspecific bands
behaved just as differentially as the real mRNA, and that is exactly
what happened to me - repressed cells, signal goes down, induced cells,
signal goes through the roof. but the signal is EXACTLY below the 16S
rRNA. Does mRNA get trapped there? of course no one publishes negative
results, but is there any literature about this?

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