human fetal tissue

Soenke Behrends behrends at
Mon Nov 22 17:09:51 EST 1999

Dear netters,

I was just interested to know how for example a 
company like Clontech gets fetal human kidney 
and a lot of other fetal tissues for their Marathon 
cDNAs or cDNA libraries. Is the use of tissue 
from abortions banned in the US? I think it is 
banned in Germany. But I am not sure. 
 I know this is a very sensitive
topic and I know there should be clear line which
we as researchers should not cross. On the other
hand I would be most interested in an open practical
discussion on the topic of human fetal tissue procurement
and its ethical and legal implications.  

I would be happy if you could share your knowledge 
about the legal situation and I would be interested in 
any expressed opinion or experience. 


Soenke Behrends 

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