unspecific (was: RNA stability) for Susanne!!!

Susanne Rohrer srohrerNOSPAM at immv.unizh.ch
Tue Nov 23 05:52:00 EST 1999

"riboprobes derived from
a Bluescript or similar vectors, multicloning site sequence included
in the probe has 7-9 bases matching regions in 28S rRNA"

I am using an internal DIG-labeled PCR fragment of my gene as a probe.
so that shouldn't be the problem. maybe I should go and check for
homologies with the rRNA. I hope you won't go "but DIG-PCR probes never
work"... It should, shouldn't it?

and yes, my e-mail address is incorrect, spam-free that is. take out the
NOsrSPAM and the invalid.

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