Inducible Mammalian Vectors

Clay Comstock comstock at
Tue Nov 23 08:12:21 EST 1999


I was curious as to if anyone had any experience with either the Ecdysone,
Tetracycline, Lac, or any other inducible vector.

My main intrest is to study the effect of phosphorylation on the
degradation of a histidine tagged protein in NIH3t3 cell culture. It seems
to me that one could use these inducible vectors much like a radioactive
pulse chase. For example, one could induce expression for 1hr then remove
the induction agent and track your protein of intrest.

If anyone could provide any insight as to the induction levels of any of
these systems one might expect, how leaky are these systems, or any other
information that might help me decide which system is best for me, it
would be greatly appreciated.


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