Incompetent DH10B's?

John Dixon jpcd100 at
Tue Nov 23 10:33:46 EST 1999

Hi all, I have been using competent cells prepared by the Inoue
protocol for some years now, mainly XL1-blues and XL10-golds, with no
problems and competencies of >10E8. But recently I have needed to
switch to a strain with no antibiotic resistance markers already
present, (ie no Tet) and tried DH10Bs. Initially, using the standard
CaCl2 method in Maniatis I was getting up to 10E7, but when I tried to
prepare a storable batch using the Inoue method I got less than 10E6
twice running.

Is there a trick for DH10Bs, a different optimal harvest OD from 0.6
perhaps? Or is there a good way to store the CaCl prepared cells
(glycogen addition failed completely)?

Thanks for any tips


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